Lou Reed reads from The Raven at the 2004 Downtown Seder
Lou Reed

above: Lou Reed recites at the 2004 Downtown
Seder. Photo taken at the Museum of Jewish
Heritage by Melanie Einzig / www.witnessx.com

Lou Reed's Four More Questions

"Who am I?"
from The Raven

Sometimes I wonder who am I
The world seeming to pass me by
A younger man now getting old
I have to wonder what the rest of life will hold

I hold a mirror to my face
There are some lines that I could trace
To memories of loving you
The passion that breaks reason into two

I have to think and stop me now
If reminiscences make you frown
One thinks of what one hoped to be
And then faces reality

Some I wonder who am I
Who made the trees
Who made the sky
Who made the storms
Who made heartbreak
I wonder how much life I can take

I know I like to dream a lot
And think of other worlds that are not
I hate that I need air to breathe
I’d like to leave this body and be free

I'd like to float like a mystic child
I'd like to kiss an angel on the brow
I'd like to solve the mysteries of life
By cutting someone’s throat or removing their heart

You’d like to see it beat
You’d like to hold your eyes
And though you know I’m dead
You’d like to hold my thighs

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